This hawk was sitting so patiently as I moved around, but was still obscured by the tree branches above. Just when I moved a little more into the open, the hawk took off like a shot. I only clicked off one frame.

For a failed shot of a bird, I was rather surprised how much I like it. Something about the moment of the flight…when the hawk is leaving what we would think of as the relative stability of the tree to the unknown of the air. But in reality, the hawk would feel most at home soaring the skys.

Anyway…yes, it would have been nice to be quicker on the draw and to have the whole bird in the frame. But I think I prefer this for the simple fact that it provides a bit of mystery.


  1. My first thought… Wow! I love that this wasn't what you were planning. I also like that the entire hawk isn't in the shot, it adds to the sense of the fleeting moment.

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