1. I remember when this was a dark scummy building along Wabash before it had its "facadectomy" a few years ago. I love the building, but look forward to the day when it is just a little bit dirty.

  2. Ooooh…I like this picture a lot! I noticed the repetition of form you mentioned right away. And the progression in the dark elements is visually interesting. But then I kept looking, and I saw another progression. In the first arch, there are no human figures. Then in the second arch, there are the mannequins, or psuedo humans. And in the third arch, there are…well…not actual humans, but a lot more warmth and movement in the photo. It's like steps from nothingness towards humanity. Long story short, I think it looks cool.

  3. Thanks Devyn, Heather, and La Sqeuncia for your comments. Heather: had you not pointed it out i don't think I ever would have seen that second bit of repetition.

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